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Thursday, February 3, 2011

we just called to say we love you-stevie wonder

pic courtesy of dopedefined.tumblr.com
happy black history month, people!  and speaking of black americans who have contributed great things to our society, i just learned that the legendary stevie wonder will be inducted into the music hall of fame by the Apollo Theatre.  he certainly deserves at least that.  stevie wonder has given us music to accompany all of our ups and downs in America.  besides that, mr. wonder walks the walk he often talks about.  he is instrumental in the fight for civil rights for all.  for one, he was major in the quest for a martin luther king jr. holiday.  and for all that and more, stevie, we salute you! 
(btw, stevie was certainly a fashion icon in the seventies. his outfits and hairstyles were definitely head turners)

besos jenna pearle*