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Friday, April 22, 2011

not easy being green

courtesy of blackgirlsrock.tumblr.com

pic courtesy of inthedaysofmyyouth.tumblr.com
confession: i'm not that big on going green.  i mean, well i'm no huge stickler for recycling, i don't  have a recycle bag when i buy my groceries (although i do reuse the plastic bags at home), i'm not obsessive about organic this and that.  i do my best and try not to be wasteful.  honestly, i think there are only so many causes one can take on and saving the ozone didn't reach my top ten list yet.  however, i am very appreciative of my surroundings.  we live in such a beautiful world and i love to take it all in.  so while you probably won't catch me camping, you might find me reading a book in the park, watching the snow fall in bewildered amazement or listening to the sounds of nature in my mom's backyard.  that's my way of saying "happy earth day!!"
                                                           besos jenna pearle*

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Anonymous said...

I love you for admitting this. I'm not perfect either and I do think we should really try to help people first. BUT that said I do want to do better, I do love this planet, and I do really admire the people who are passionate in trying to save it.