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Friday, July 29, 2011

fell in love with a boy, and married him

yesterday was my five year anniversary.  its a sentence i never imagined i'd be saying.  for one, i was never that girl who was overly concerned with getting married.  it wasn't on my list of things to accomplish unlike many gals and guys i know and hear about.  plus, everything happened so fast, i can barely believe it happened.  met one day in april...eloped in a foreign country in july.  i now know it sounds like the tales of a flaky or impulsive celebrity it-girl (which i am far from).  but what i've found is that my marriage is actually the most sound and stable decision i've made thus far.  it (and he) has helped me mature tremedously.  finally, its not all about me all the time.  love him and us...happy anniversary, my sweet.  xoxoxo 

besos jenna pearle*

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Anonymous said...

This is so sweet...happy belated anniversary lady!!!