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Monday, August 1, 2011


hey guys!  its august...and i'm back!  well, i'm officially back anyway.  i thought i'd start things off with a gorgeous spread from elle mexico.  of course its the young inguenue selena gomez.  seeing as how i'm not her target demographic, i am not extremely familiar with her actual work.  what i do know is that she seems like a poised, humble and hardworking beauty.  last month, i was able to watch the movie "beezus and ramona" based on my childhood favorite book and she played the title role (beatrice beezus quimby).  i thought she did an amazing job and thoroughly enjoyed the show.  she appears to be a force to be reckoned with...and i'm not even going to mention whats his name.  i think that would take away from her success as an individual ( it also makes me question her choice in men but i guess we all have our faults, haha). 

besos jenna pearle*

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Anonymous said...

Oh snap!!! i have never seen her like this!! She looks like so super fine. Great choice and I'm glad you're back!