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Monday, September 14, 2009

stay tuned...gilmore girls!

greetings, my lovelies! while reading one of my favorite mags, NYLON, i got an idea. well, an idea i already had was reinforced. they had their tv issue. so, i have decided to have a few posts dedicated to some of my favorite fashionable shows.
i have always wanted to be a wardrobe stylist for a delicious drama or funny sitcom. GG was one of the first fashion forward families i wanted to join. no, not Gossip Girl. im talking Gilmore Girls! Both ladies had a laid back, effortless look that many fans wanted to mimic. in fact, the entire town of Star's Hollow was eclectic. Luke made the trucker look sexy before Ashton. Michel was metro before Ryan S. sookie and Lane were fab. don't even get me started on Jess. his face, his look, his attitude...had me just as hooked as Rory seemed to be. but back to the lorelais, how can we join the gilmore gang, fashionwise?...stay tuned...
*cute cardigans- cardigans were a staple for the gilmores. sometimes used to give an outfit a burst of color, sometimes used to give a look a touch of conservative class.
*fantastic, chic coats- it seemed to almost always be winter in Stars Hollow. great backdrop for fabulous winter outfits. this included gorgeous coats in luxurious colors and cuts. gilmore girls always had beautiful knit hats, scarves and gloves.
*kiss- that is, keep it simple, stupid. gilmores know when to rock a regular ol' button down or cute tee with jeans.
*the all important wrap dress- when it was time to dress up, the go-to thing was the wrap dress. looks fantastic and creates curves.
so those are my tips. now you are prepared for friday night dinners with Emily or whomever.
ciao darlings! xoxo jenna pearle

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