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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tired of Toning It Down---Going Clutch

sometimes, it gets tiresome trying to tone it down. doing what is "appropriate" can get a bit boring. so i say, live out loud! a bajan diva one said "life's a game but its not fair, i break the rules so i don't care!" couldn't agree more! therefore, i will dedicate a few posts to coloring outside the lines with fashione every once in a while. stop saving your best outfits and accessories for the BIG night out and wear it whenever.
for example, why not utilize your hot clutch bag that is on reserve for date nite/girls nite out and where it during the day to the bakery (or at least the museum)? if you don't have a cute clutch, go get one...now! Found some excellent ones at (drum roll, please) Strawberry's. i know you don't believe me but they look really elegant yet edgy. don't worry; i have pics to back this up. a bit more snobbish about where you get your clutch? well, check out the October issue of Lucky (pg 156) where they have a variety. i also recommend target (again).
either way, make sure you rock the daytime clutch and show these chicks that you gon' run this town today!!!

reminder- live out loud, ladies! xoxo jenna pearle

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