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Monday, November 16, 2009

Death of Daisy Duke...rip

who died and left Daisy Duke queen of the fashion world? im talking jean short cutoffs. on a daily basis, i am bombarded with images of boring, wannabe girls in cutoffs over tights, whether it be on fashion blogs and online mags or (even worse) strutting proudly in the street. Who is responsible for this accousting? Is it you, Lindsay? (ps check amber rose trying out the look in last month's elle)i comprehend the desperate need to be considered edgy but i assure you this look is tack - y! Furthermore, if everyone is attempting to achieve the same effect, by definition, how edgy could it be?! i urge you, lovelies, please let the jean cutoffs remain a girly, carefree relic from the good ol' days of summer. please bury them deep down in the depths of your closets, only to return when bikinis do.
i thank you in advance, xo xo jenna pearle

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