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Sunday, November 8, 2009

tv drama queens-karen walker edition, a lush for life

karen walker, a la Will & Grace fame, was a lush you had to love. a true diva, karen had a job but didn't work, kept a drink in her hand the way most keep a watch on their wrist, married a man with a fat wallet and gut and said whatever the hell she wanted (usually nothing nice). mrs, walker personified inappropriate. oddly enough, her attire was the complete opposite. she dressed rather classy and, dare i say, conservative. timeless staples every woman should own filled karen's many closets and covered her curves. The list included well tailored black pants, sexy secretary blouses, wrap dresses, pencil skirts, high heels, diamonds & pearls and of course, luxurious furs (sorry PETA, mrs walker DOES NOT do anything faux). i must admit this chic drunken lady was my inspiration when i was venturing out of college bliss into the mad working world. so, kw, i tip my martini to you, a true blue diva.
besos jenna pearle

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