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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

whatever happened to jane?

it is so hard to say goodbye. oh, how i miss Jane so! so pretty, so stylish, so wickedly funny, so much fun. Jane was the friend that taught me how to get the most use out of my lbd. Jane was the one who guided me through picking out the perfect outfit to see my ex and seduce him or throw a drink in his face. Jane always had a funny story. Or sometimes, just an informative one. she was my bestie that showed up on my doorstep (ok, mailbox) every month with something new to share. unfortunately, jane became an innocent victim of george bush, whoops, i mean our declining economy. however, she is still truly missed. i've searched high and low and found you're indeed, irreplaceable.

bye jane with tears and kisses, jenna pearle

btw (for those of you who haven't caught on) Jane is/was a fantastic magazine.

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