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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scent of a Woman

this blog is usually about how to look good. however, whats the point of looking good, if you don't smell good? you know jenna p. has got the hook up. if you like freesia, hyacinth and jasmine, then this may be the perfect scent for you. this is, of course, from Gwen Stefani's line. she has some sweeter scents in her harajuku girls line you may also enjoy. i am not a fan of the alcohol-y scent when you first spray perfume on. if you have that problem, try the solid perfumes.

another find that is simply irresistable is Victoria's Secret Soft Embrace in Shea Butter. delicious!!! i use this ALL the time. if i take ten steps, i re-up. it just makes me so happy (and makes me smell so tasty).

smell ya later, xoxo jenna pearle

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