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Saturday, December 12, 2009

tired of toning it up- adDRESSing the issue

i have been looking at a whole lot of blogs lately and have been feeling perplexed, and (dare i say) dowdy. let me explain. many of these fashion blogs feature the writer in photographs where they dress up in these sometimes extravagent, sometimes sexy, sometimes skanky but always dressy outfits. it leaves me wondering "where are they going?" do i not have enough of a life since i don't have somewhere to go where i am required to dress up ALL the time? see, i firmly believe in always looking good. however, i don't always feel the need to ALWAYS dress up. its too much! cute tees with a pair of jeans and flats can look great with the right accessories. hell, i have been known to make sweatpants look good. in nyc, it is bone-chilling cold outside. so, i chose to stay home with the hubby. i chose a look that said cute yet relaxed.
i love great clothes, i adore great style. but, i do dress down from time to time and would appreciate that fact being acknowledged and addressed. tell me you don't enjoy pics of your favorite celeb dressing normal to pick up his/her latte from starbucks. they still look cute, maybe even cuter! therefore, i intend to post pics (hopefully, at least once a week) of people (maybe famous, maybe not) in dressed down gear.

i guess this is my rant about being tired of toning it up. besos, jenna pearle

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