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Monday, April 12, 2010

men i'm in the mood for

mmmhh....here are some examples of men i'm in the mood for: jason morgan (steve burton from general hospital) and nasty nas.
if you haven't caught scenes of jason, the silent but deadly hitman with a heart of gold, then you are truly missing out. honestly, i pity you. he was the geeky caterpillar that emerged into a sexy, buffed man in black. take a peek weekdays at three on abc ( i know, sounds like a commercial).
then there's nas. nas, what is there to say? handsome, intelligent, laidback with a large dose of boyish charm= a recipe for a hip-hop crush. considering going to see him in concert along with another hottie, damien marley.
once again, you're very welcome...
xoxo jenna p.

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