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Monday, May 24, 2010

faces of franco

i LIKE james franco. i liked him before i really understood who he was. i vaguely recall watching him as the villian you felt sorry for in the spiderman movies. then, i saw the fantastic film, milk (where he played the love interest of sean penn). i think it was around that time news circuits started discussing his attending nyu (or columbia? nah nyu) and the pics circulated of him sleeping in class. then, he was asked to do the commencement speech. thanks to netflix, i got to see the hilarious film pinapple express where franco did an amazing job. but it really all boiled down to general hospital. when do actors in their prime go play a longterm role on a soap opera? never! but franco took on the challenge playing a lovable lunatic wreaking havoc on poor port charles. thats when i really learned to appreciate the greatness of this renaissance man. since then, i've seen him in another funny flick date night and i'm eagerly awaiting his talent in the must read and now see movie Eat, Pray, Love. in addition, he will be hitting port charles again at the end of june. can't wait!

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