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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

what i see in nyc

hi guys! i had a great day today. i'm sure you can probably guess what activity kept me busy. walking around the city and shopping, of course. once again, i was able to find some fabulous deals. in need of some accessory replenishment (earrings, specifically), my accomplice and i made our way to nova ice in the village. this cute 2 by 2 store has variety, more than fair prices, and their stuff lasts as long as you need it to. i left nova ice with three pairs of earrings that flatter my mug. side note: in the image consulting class i just took recently, i learned a lot about what accessories go with whom. for instance, since i have an ovallish, round face, my choices should probably be ones that add angles and length to my face (that is, unless you are trying to emphasize the roundness). after a cheap, healthy and not to mention tasty dinner at dojo's, the hubby and i headed to soho where we came across a h&m. to be honest, anywhere one heads these days will lead you to an h&m. anyhow, once there, i couldn't resist the stylish clothes with the small pricetags. i bought a cute tee in a magnificent shade of turquoise, tealish blue for less than 5 bucks. i also scored a long tee in a fun, big leopard print for a measly $12. this shirt reminds me of wilma or pebbles from the flinstones. i also bought some pretty turquoise hanging earrings for less than $4. hubby found a pair of lighter denim straight leg jeans for $20. a quick dash to ricky's and to canal street (got there too late to find anything good) and we called it a day, a successful one, too.
xoxo jenna pearle*

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