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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

introducing gala darling

last month on my birthday, i attended a blogger's conference.  i had signed up weeks before and couldn't wait for the day to arrive.  like many things in life, it turned out to be a whole lot less than what i had built up in my mind.  this was THE top bloggers brought to discuss what made them so successful.  unfortunately, most didn't seem to have an answer.  what was worse is that many were inarticulate as well.  i went in thinking i was going to learn about what more i could do to improve passionista place and received plenty of cliches like "be true to yourself", "be patient" and "let it grow organically."  if i heard the word organic one more time............i will say it was still a good experience (there were a few bloggers with relevant information) and i met a great friend.  more importantly, i was introduced to the phenomenal gala darling.
actually, i had stumbled on to gala's website/blog earlier that summer and was pretty impressed by what i saw there.  in person, however, she was even more magnificent (especially compared to some of the other speakers).  adorned in sequins, pink and skulls, ms. darling served up wisdom, humor and style.  after the conference, i was eager to hear more.  this is what i found.  like me, gala is the beacon of self love and acceptance.  she has no problem being different and in fact relishes it.  simply put, gala is darling!  that's why i had no problem plucking down twelve bucks to buy chapters of her informative book that  she sells as podcasts.  honestly, i'm addicted.  i've listened to four different chapters already and highly recommend them.  you'll love it!  more importantly, you will probably learn great lessons.  if you don't believe how unbelievable gala darling truly is, don't take my word.  go see for yourself here at galadarling...look for the book here at  love & sequins.

besos jenna pearle*
(pics courtesy of gala's blog)

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