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Friday, December 10, 2010

how to be best dressed for the big event (dear jenna)

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so lately, i've been getting a lot of emails asking for all kinds of advice.  thank you so much, guys, for enlisting my wisdom to help you solve your little fashion/lifestyle conundrums.  i thought a better way to go about doing this is to share a few questions asked with the rest of the party.  this way if someone has that issue...two birds, one stone...you get it.  anyway, this one is from a "cyber" friend from facebook.  (p.s i've taken the liberty of shortening the letter for practical purposes)

hey jenna
love your page.   i was hoping you could give me some ideas on a problem i always have.  a big event comes up.  you know, the kind that makes you feel the need to be the best dressed girl there.  long story short, ten minutes left to get out the door, all your clothes are a heap on the bed and you realize you have NOTHING to wear.  happens every time!  thoughts, jenna?


hi sadie!
thanks for the email.  you are certainly not alone.  who hasn't this happened to?  i do have some advice that will prevent this disaster from ocurring as much as possible. 
first, start planning in advance.  i would give yourself a week.  the first few days, i would be mentally mulling over some options.  lets say the event was a friday night.  on a tuesday night, set aside some time to start putting different looks together.  this is your chance to get as creative as you can.  look at all the angles in a full length mirror.  if you have a digital camera, take pictures.  at the end of the time, you should have at least three ensembles ready with shoes and accessories to match.  try to have a wild choice, a more conservative choice and one that takes rain or snow into consideration (also consider your means of transportation.  you may not want to wear your super duper mini on the subway or walking the wintery streets or maybe you do?).  by wednesday, you should have an idea of what make-up and hair you want to go with these looks.  pick up any last minute things you'll need (pantyhose, the right shade of nail polish).  if you have to roll your hair or anything like that, set it up thursday evening. on friday, all you have to do is get dressed.  can't stand the girl in the mirror dressed in outfit #1?  good thing you have option #2 ready, willing and able.  hope this info helps, sadie.  happy holidays!! 

 besos jenna pearle*