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Friday, September 24, 2010

fashion guru trifecta

i was perusing the fashion bomb daily blog yesterday and came across their bombshell of the day, demetria lucas.  i've already linked you to her own blog in the right aesthetic post.  anyway, when asked about her sassy personal style, demetria answered "most days, i ask myself 'what would diahann carroll do if she were influenced by lauryn hill and circa '00 andre 3000..."  what a fantastic answer!  that got me to thinking if i had to narrow it down to 3 people who's assistance i would appreciate when i'm getting dressed, who would it be?  i gave it some thought today and came up with this. i think my look is a mix of joan jett and blair waldorf if they were b-girls from brooklyn.  it was a pretty difficult process having to narrow it down to just three people.  however, when its done, i think it can make your what to wear dilemma a bit easier.  you have your fairy fashion godmothers and fathers whispering advice into your ear.  so, what do you think of my choices and who would be a part of your fashion guru trifecta?  remember, only three! 
xoxo jenna pearle*

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