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Monday, February 21, 2011

you look like yes

i understand nicki minaj is attempting to pull of avant garde, over the top looks to fit her big persona.  i get it.  but, sometimes...well, it just seems like WAY TOO MUCH!  i'm sure you've seen her grammy ensemble by now(if not, check it out below).  i must say, i was disappointed. 
nicki has made a conscious choice to veer away from the sex pot hook.  i applaud ms. minaj for toning down the sexiness and going past being pretty.  we have SO many artists (many not so artistic) who go the sexy, trashy bad girl route.  its an easy, sucker way to go (if you ask me).  nicki has talent that surpasses her undeniable good looks.  that said, i think she has talent that surpasses the gimmicks as well.  that is why i was pleasantly surprised to see her attire for her all star performance.  it was still wild but not ridiculous.  whoever dressed her understood proportions as well as her brand.  love the look and i hope to see a few more like it in the midst of the madness. 

 besos jenna pearle*

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