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Monday, February 21, 2011

oh, you fancy, huh?

the look of the irish

new york state of fine
 you know i was definitely tuned in to the NBA All Star 2011 game.  i've actually been pretty engrossed the entire season (unlike the last 2-3 years when i begin closer to the playoffs).  however, i kept my fashion hat on lastnight, critiquing all of the outfits.  as usual, my favorite team, boston celtics, did not disappoint.  they were like the ratpack of bball on the "magenta" carpet.  another highlight was amare stoudemire.  i've been keeping my eye on him and the knicks.  dareisay, i may be turning into a knick fan (they were my arch rivals in the 90's when i would take a bullet for the bulls).  anyway, great game and congrats to kobe (not a fan) for his 4th all star mvp award.  but be afraid; the ratpack is gunning for ya...besos jenna pearle*