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Monday, April 11, 2011

catching grenades for bruno mars

its been quite a while since i've been inspired by a man and his wardrobe.  but then came bruno mars.  his retro yet relaxed look has taken the entertainment world by storm.  the elvis do and 50's doo wop sense of style has definitely won me (and not to mention a million others) over.  of course, those boyish good looks, truckload of talent and never ending charm don't hurt.  safe to say there are a number of ladies who would  gladly catch a grenade for him.  wanna rock the retro look bruno style (ladies, you too!)?  read on...

becoming bruno...the 7 essentials
  • the perfect fedora
  • great white tees
  • a massive collection of skinny ties
  • leather jacket with a fab fit
  • plenty of plaid button downs
  • good pair of shades
  • a bad ass pompadour

besos jenna pearle*
the posh brown boutique

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