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Sunday, May 1, 2011

irish spring-rajon rondo

the conductor
i haven't had a crush of any kind in years (donkey years as my grandmother would say).  but the drought is over.  i am having a love affair with the boston celtics, rajon rondo in particular.  watching him can be like poetry in motion (and you know how i love poetry).  he is like a conductor of an orchestra, absently dribbling down the court while directing his fellow teammates where to go and what to do.  love a man who takes charge!  besides his talent, rajon rondo is a cutie.  with his boyish good looks and girly eyelashes, rondo can send a married girl into a tizzy.  (fanning myself vigorously) 

p.s  good luck to the green giants against the miami heat this week

besos jenna pearle*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I will not hate...Rondo is fantastic, he makes it look so easy to get to the rim.

WHAT A BS CALL ON PIERCE TODAY!!! Omigosh!! I have never seen such a thing for real! Like hellooooo...it's playoff basketball! It wasn't even a hard screen, crazy, crazy, crazy!