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Sunday, January 1, 2012

the new (year) mantra

in 2o1o, i recall coming up with about five fashion resolutions to follow for that year.  looking back, i'm not sure if i met the specifics.  however, i know that those goals eventually made their way into my somewhat regular rotation (well, everything but dresses and lots of thrifting).  varied hairstyles, red lipstick ect...anyhow, at the start of 2011, i kept it pretty simple with the mantra: be (even more) fabulous.  i suppose i succeeded. 

my style resolution this time around will fall somewhere in the middle of that detailed and vague arena.  the motto for this year is (drum roll please...)..."do whatcha like!"  quite honestly, i think many times i put too much thought and effort into putting together an outfit.  the pressure builds and in the end, i wind up playing it safe (my version of safe, anyway).  in 2012, i just want to have fun and trust my reliable instincts. 
i just hope my virgo perfectionist ways don't get in the way......

besos jenna pearle*

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