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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

stay tuned...the carrie diaries edition

alas, my once favorite and most fashionable show, gossip girl, has finally ended.  it was past it's prime quite a few seasons ago really.  still, it was hard to say goodbye.  but before i could shed a proper tear, the cw came along with something fresh and fierce to fill in my monday night slot.  enter.......the carrie diaries!!!  this show is a prequel to the sex and the city hbo hit.  we find a teenage carrie bradshaw navigating her way through the suburbs on her way to the fabulous new york life she's known for.  there are quite a few reasons why i love this show but i'll narrow it down to three for you.

1.  the great storylines...
 although some parts are a little far-fetched (magically becoming an intern at a prestigous magazine at                sixteen by chance?  yeah, right!), most of the show show is fairly realistic and relate-able  (especially if you're a teenager or was once one).  boy trouble, sibling issues and drama with friends and frenemies abound.

2.  the fashion, of course
although i was far from a teenager, i did witness the wild and wacky and sometimes tacky eighties fashion for myself.  (droops head in shame) and yes, i even participated in it.  that's why i look forward to seeing eric daman's interpretation of what was worn in the era of excess.  so far, i think he does an excellent job of showing what kids were rocking to school and lets his creative juices splash all over the blank canvas when dressing the ny it girls.  
check out this blog for more about the clothes:  http://thecarriestylediaries.com/

3.  the diversity of the cast
by now you've heard of the controversy with the hbo show girls and how they've whitewashed the rainbow that is new york.  according to lena dunham, a diverse nyc has not been her reality.  if that's true, the sheltered writer  should certainly get out more.  in the carrie diaries, people of color are more than cab drivers and homeless people taunting the main characters.  in fact, we are play central roles in carrie's life (unlike the grown up carrie) even in the burbs of connecticut.  her best friend (mouse), nemesis (donna la donna) and it girl mentor (larissa) are all women of colour and charisma.  her guy pal (walt) is teetering on whether or not he's gay (he is) and her other bff maggie...well, she just might be white but her ethnic features are gorgous as well as ambiguous.  

check out carrie diaries-le book for more.

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