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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

lovely lady lumps!

well, i did catch the American Music Awards on sunday night. it was my intention to discuss the fashion choices of the night. unfortunately, i wasn't inspired. honestly, i thought the outfits were quite boring and cliche. im sure there were some exceptions but none that i can remember (and isn't that the point?). however, what i did notice was the increase of shapely figures. major stars were in body conscious outfits, revealing a whole lotta extra. as the website bossip likes to say, these ladies were thicker than a snicker...and i loved it. mary had on an interesting asymmetrical dress that showed off not only her curves but a slight pooch. rihanna's white cut out unitard showed us what she's working with nowadays. other ladies celebrating their lovely lady lumps were kelly clarkson, alicia keys, j-lo, janet jackson and leona lewis. what a refreshing site to see! i applaud these ladies for not conforming (if only for one nite). and the pink pearle goes to...ladies with lumps! congrats
keep it curvy yours truly, jenna pearle

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