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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a posh existence

it is safe to say that i am not usually a fan of scowling skinny women strutting in high heels and tight frocks. normally, i frown upon stiff stances and one trick ponies. however, i must give credit where it is due and for victoria "posh spice" beckham, it is due. i am not always a fan of her style although lately she looks completely fierce. what i admire about her most is her commitment. challenge: find a day that she resembled nicole richie, halle or j-lo. those tight alien dresses have become her signature. add to that some cigareette pants, hot haircut, superstar glasses and towering stilettos and here you have the winning formula! the occasion hardly matters. it is guaranteed the posh one will be living up to her well-deserved name.
ps. vicki has the best accessory a girl could have...david beckham! yum!
xoxo jenna pearle

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