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Thursday, February 4, 2010

you want to bumble with the bee?

ol' school kim

i love me some lil' kim!! you wanna bumble wit da bee, huh? those were the days, right? kimberly jones symbolized the female perspective and, in my opinion, epitomized strength. tell me you didn't feel powerful as you swayed back and forth with much machismo and estrogen, reciting the words to queen bitch or quiet storm. cute and petite but bigger than life, lil kim gave voice to a section of queens who weren't being addressed before. plus, she was shocking. you never knew what kimmie would do next. of course, just like life, things began to change. the changes made it hard to ignore the demons inside. at first, it made her more human. most of us could relate to being told we weren't good enough the way we were, that we did not measure up on society's scale of beauty. who couldn't relate to loving someone so much even though it was clear to everyone else he didn't think you were his number one? obviously, matters got out of hand and to anyone with eyes its easy to see things have gone too far. nevertheless, i love my lil' kimmie and always will. i just wish that she could see the beauty that we always saw in her from day one.
the queen bee, jenna pearle
(pics courtesy of bossip)

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