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Thursday, February 4, 2010

men i'm in the mood for...

your attention, ladies! lenny,sonny (maurice benard), chuck bass (ed westwick) and common! these stylish/sexy men certainly stir up the senses. if you don't know about sonny corinthos, then you need to immediately get up on your general hospital game. that show is the b-e-s-t!!!! sonny is just one of many sexy seducers on the show. i'm sure you've heard of the bad ass known as chuck bass, the slithering heartbreaker on gg who has matured quite nicely. lenny is a rocker who's rugged beauty should leave you speechless, that is if you're human. and common...well, i think the pic speaks for itself. hope you're enjoying this post at least half as much as i am.
xoxo jenna pearle

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