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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

lost kontrol "kim cover"

this post seemed appropriate after my last one, the right aesthetic. this is lil' kimmie on the cover of kontrol magazine. she is making her way back into the music industry and i'm happy for that. for the most part, she looks good.................i had a lot of trouble even typing that last sentence for obvious reasons. you see, this is what happens as a result of club bouncers, men you love, media...society as a whole telling you, despite what xtina a. says, you are NOT beautiful. such a vibrant, pretty and talented 'regular black' girl! and to have this issue, this obviously MAJOR issue. no one likes rejection. that is for all those self righteous individuals who meet our country's beauty standard but like standing on their soapbox claiming that you should have thicker skin and love yourself and not care what anyone else thinks and blah blah blah...this is what can happen in one of the (dare i say)better scenarios.

kimmie, we love you. besides the horrible plastic surgery, you actually look beautiful and classic here. i don't blame you for whats happened. i know (well, i have a good idea of) where this stems from. i hope we find a cure for this cancer and i'll do what i can here with passionista place and any other project i affiliate with to create and celebrate inclusive beauty.

xoxo jenna pearle*

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