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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

epitome of me...personal style

these two pics that i found (blackchicwithstyle on tumblr & fashionbombdaily.com) are the epitome of my personal style. i'm a bit of a risk taker, choosing to blend eclectic with street chic, class and comfort. some days, the emphasis falls more toward the classic or preppy; other days, it leans more toward the urbanista side. for instance, i may rock the bamboo earrings one day and a set of pearls the next or a combination of both at the same time. it is important to identify what your personal style truly is. this can aid you in avoiding unneccessary and foolish purchases that don't fit who you are. also, it will help you in choosing which trends really are nice but not worth you trying (unless you consider yourself a trendy chic). so, how exactly would you describe your personal style, passionista(o)s? inquiring minds would love to know!

xo xo from the inquiring mind of jenna pearle

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