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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a force when we're together

don't you just love the thrill of seeing a well dressed couple?! i'm not referring to those tacky, matching twosomes that make your stomach turn; i'm talking about those love bunnies that exude style that somehow compliment one another. i am lucky to have someone who #1. looks good in everything but #2 has impeccable taste to boot (i like to think this has improved with my assistance). lately, great clothes for men has become much more accessible and affordable. stores like h&m, heritage 1981, urban outfitters, and even old navy have really stepped up their game in the men's department. even men's footwear has diversified. plus, men have also welcomed fashion into their busy lives moreso than they have before, imo. therefore, no matter what your hunny's personal style is, there is plenty for him to play around in. it doesn't take much. so for all you couples out there, take some time and think about what statement your love unit is attempting to make (if both parties are willing).

remember (in fabolous and ne-yo's words) im a movement by myself, but i'm a force when we're together...i'm good all by myself, but honey, you make me better!
xoxo mrs. jenna pearle

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