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Thursday, January 14, 2010

hope for haiti

posting about fashion when something more substanstial is taking place just doesn't seem right. therefore, i will forgo new entries today to focus on the horrendous crisis in haiti. i am soooo sorry this happened to this great country. please do what you can to help the victims of this earthquake. here is one option for donating. text the word "YELE" to the number 501501 to give $5 to the Yele Haiti Fund. this is a reputable organization that is led by Wyclef Jean. he has been a hardworking, honest and fantastic humanitarian for Haiti. there is also unicef, redcross, salvation army and habitat for humanity to name a few. do what you can and keep haiti in your prayers and/or hearts. i will be doing the same.

with a heavy heart for haiti...jenna pearle

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