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Saturday, January 16, 2010

i'm glovin' it...link love

i am extremely overwhelmed by the impressive outpouring of compassion and generosity the world has displayed since the earthquake disaster in Haiti. it seems almost everyone is willing to give all they can to help. one particular person i would like to highlight today is a hatian-american young woman by the name of numa. i had been meaning to share her and her love of gloves with you at some point. however, this tragedy has pushed this to sooner rather than later. numa, of course, loves her homeland and is doing plenty to help. she also has family members that haven't been heard from so far. hopefully, that will be successfully resolved soon. but, what i wanted to share with you is her $20 "I Glove Haiti" t-shirts that are not only cute but for a great cause. numa promises that 100% of the proceeds will go towards efforts to help the haitian plight. check out her site at missnuma.com. buy a shirt if you can; at the very least, become a fan on facebook and spread the word.

doing what i can...jenna pearle

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