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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

frankly, my dear scarlett. black n white edition

the first time i came across scarlett johanssen was in 2001/2002 and she was barely famous. it was a GAP campaign for whatever new item (khaki, fleece, boyfriend jean...who knows?) they were promoting. i LOVED the name right away. and, there was something so appealing and down to earth about her. fast forward to today...and scarlett is one of my favorite celebrity people. gorgeous, curvacious, articulate and (it would appear) cool! what more could one ask for? talent?!!! thats not a necessity, unfortunately, in these celeb-obsessed days. however, scarlett has certainly got it. the last performance that had me smitten was "vicky cristina barcelona" which also finally made me come around to the beauty and talent of penelope cruz. so, i present to you another black n white feature, scarjo style. no, i take that back. scarlett johannsen style, because i love that name as well as the person.
jenna pearle, of course

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