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Monday, September 13, 2010

social september vs. gossip girl

tonight, gossip girl returns! only thing is, i won't be around to watch it. i know, i know, shocking!
well, i promised myself that september would be allocated for socializing as much as possible. at this point, i'm a settled in, married gal. and although i live in nyc and get out quite a lot, its usually with the hubby. this is for several reasons. one is obvious. he's the most convenient, dependable option (and we always have fun). another is my other friends are off doing their own things like being wives and mothers or they're having single (and ready to mingle) fun. i am fine (and completely relish) with alone time. so, all of these factors have left me without a lot of options for socializing with others. i am hoping to open my own business soon and networking is crucial. yesterday, i hung out with some new friends in williamsburg, brooklyn (brooklyn again) at a brunch. they were pretty interesting and i had a fantastic time. tonight, its bingo with the dragqueens on the lower east side. then on tuesday, there's a network and social party on a scenic rooftop. and so the list goes. doing what is outside your comfort zone is a phenomenal way to experience life and i'm up for it. just in case you're wondering, i will watch gossip girl online later or purchase it from iTunes. no worries!

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