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Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 mtv video awards...just my thoughts, man

i got rid of my cable but because i love you so, i went visiting just so that i could watch and report back. unfortunately, i wasn't all that impressed. but here are a few thoughts as well as a few highligt images...
  • gaga looked great and was so gracious. i am a big fan of her devotion to the "outsiders." some of her outfits were hits (my favorite is pictured above). big winner of the night!

  • taylor swift is really working my last nerve. please, PLEASE, stop playing the victim and being so passive agressive. everyone comes across a jerk (sorry kanye) every once in a while. kanye did you a HUGE favor by distinguishing you from the rest of the pop/country blonde singers out there. write him a thank you note instead of a self-righteous boring song. next!

  • drake finally put on a show in his performance. i've seem him at some concerts and wasn't impressed with his boring outfits and simple standing or walking around the stage. great improvement, sir. keep it up!

  • rihanna put a different spin on her usual look. her different spin was very similar to madonna's like a virgin perfomance in the 80's. (was that the point?) her hair and outfit had a very unfinished look to it. if that was the goal then it was successful.
  • katy perry, rihanna and nicki minaj look like they have a great time and i want to fill out an application to join in.

  • never heard of florence but i LOVED the perfomance and the song.

  • jared leto looks just as sexy as he did on "my so-called life" these days. besides lady gaga and eminem, he's the only one i even recall getting an award.

  • while we're on the topic, why did eminem get SO many awards??? i don't get it!
  • i adore sofia vergara (gorgeous and hilarious).

  • eva the diva (marcille) is so gorgeous here. i feel the same about ashley greene. best dressed of the night, along with victoria justice (no clue who she is).

  • kanye killed it! thats what i would like to say but i found his performance mildly entertaining. maybe my hopes were too high. the red ensemble was quite impressive, however.

i think that's all...gone til' september xoxo jenna pearle*

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