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Thursday, October 7, 2010

classifieds-style wanted

calling all passionistas!!!  i'm looking to start a new feature here where we celebrate those of you who are passionate about your personal style.  so, i'll need you guys to email me pictures of you in your cutest outfits.  try to select the ones that demonstrate your style the best.  each thursday, i will display the photo with a bit of your information and explanation (whatever you care to share).  bloggers, this is a great way to promote your blogs.  i'm so excited to get this started so please send soon.  email your pics to passionistaplace@live.com.  please include
  • your name (or what you go by these days)
  • your hometown (optional)
  • occupation (optional)
  • how you describe your style (in a few words)
  • your blog (optional)
  • your stylish pic (obviously!)
i think that's it. i am very much interested in street style and would love to incorporate it into our lil' blog.  it certainly fits into the main theme here of inclusive beauty... thanks so much, guys! 

besos jenna pearle*

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