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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

where i was... (naples)

hi guys!  i am feeling relaxed and refreshed thanks to my south florida vacation.  the trip was quite amazing.  ninety degree sunny weather helps ALOT.  the intention was to do next to nothing (besides lounge and party).  mission accomplished!!  fantastic food and drinks (had a marvelous mango margarita that was to die for), dancing in the street and lazy days at the beach filled my time away. plus, i had the best company.  remember last time i hit the sunshine state?  i ended up doing a whole lot of shopping.  this time, i resisted the urge.  the exception was some cheap n chic jewelry shopping at this huge accessories shop on their 5th Avenue (naples, florida).  i didn't bring my lovely laptop so i was unable to really keep up with the blogging.  i did have a few posts in the queue, of course.  but there was so much i wanted to discuss with you: the royal wedding especially.  i've decided to post on the big event, even if its a bit after the fact.  anyway, back to the regular scheduled programming of my life. 

p.s  thanks for all the comments while i was away...

besos jenna pearle*

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