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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


frida kahlo is on the illustrious list of my favorite artists.  her work is the kind that has charisma, depth and an ugly beauty.  plus, frida was a tough broad who survived some of the biggest obstacles.  back in the beginning of my blogging days, i wrote about her and how you might achieve a sliver of her style.  if you didn't read it (or need a reminder) be sure to click frida frenzy for more.  if you ever get a chance, go see her work when it comes to your town.  in the meantime...besos jenna pearle*


Aquí said...

I love her! She is such an inspiration for the progression of women!

jenna pearle said...

agreed! she was a real rebel.

jenna pearle said...

thanks for the feedback, btw.