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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

it's not right, but it's okay...the whitney tribute

obviously, this is well after the fact.  when whitney houston passed away, i was on vacation.  and when i returned, i was...well, sad and didn't feel like discussing.  i  recognize that we must pay tribute to such a legend and now seems to be the right time.  if you were around in the eighties, you probably can't forget whitney's infectious, groundbreaking pop hits even if you tried.  hit after hit after hit.  the nineties were no different. when i was in sixth grade "i'm your baby tonight' was major.  later on in high school (the latter part of the nineties), mrs. houston reigned supreme with the movie "bodyguard" and it's phenomenal soundtrack.  i know i don't have to go into details.  i'll just mention that "i have nothing" gave me and my teenage angst life.  whitney maintained her spot on the throne with the 'waiting to exhale' movie and soundtrack contributions.  by the time i was in college, she hit us hard with the 'my love is your love' album.  at that point, i recall working in a claire's accessory store in a mall somewhere.  the radio station was always glued to KTU and KTU was devoted to whitney.  it's not right, but it's ok, heartbreak hotel, my love is your love.  once again, hit after heavenly hit.  whitney was always a golden girl.  (check her grammy stats)
i chose to include a picture of her wedding day with purpose.  she loved bobby brown.  she was herself when she was with bobby.  they were together for quite a while.  he was her choice and it seems the media has decided to make him a villain.  i don't buy it.  i won't buy it.  i have good instincts about people.  i don't claim bobby brown is an earth angel, by any means.  but, he has a good heart.  he takes a lot of unwarranted heat and complains very little.  but what is most important is that he chose her and she chose him.  and, it appears it was something special and passionate.  nothing for us to judge.  they moved on.  she's gone.  let it be.  i hope that, overall, whitney enjoyed her life.  she was certainly a blessing in mine.  rest in peace 

besos jenna pearle*

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